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Did You Know that Amazon Has a Secret Luxury Site?

Amazon’s best-kept secret is out. VRSNL, (short for “versional”), has been quietly selling luxury fashion items since September 2019. A total of 30 designers are currently on the VRSNL roster, including Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Prada and Jimmy Choo. What distinguishes VRSNL is a section called “The Remix,” which features original editorial content that tells stories behind the brands and designers. The retailer also has an app, which allows today’s trendsetters to shop wherever, whenever.

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8 Money-Saving Tips for Improving Your Bathroom’s Design

I don’t know about you, but for me, a bathroom goes well beyond its practical uses; within the past years, I’ve come to think about it as a sanctuary of sorts, that room of the house that’s dedicated to pampering, relaxing, and deconnecting — a place where I can enjoy some alone time and use that alone time to take care of my skin, hair, body, and mind.

And just like any other space in my house, the more beautiful my bathroom is, the more I can enjoy the time I spend in it. But re-designing a bathroom or remodeling it altogether is quite an investment. That’s why today we’re going to look at a few handy ways in which we can improve our bathroom’s design without having to spend a ton of money in the process. Here are some tips to help you maximize your bathroom’s function and style while saving money — both on the short and long run:

#1 Choose décor materials wisely

When designing your bathroom, one of the most important things to take into consideration is choosing the right materials. And I’m not talking about the tile (which we all know ceramic is the way to go); but rather furniture and appliances. Since this space is expected to be exposed to water, humidity, and moisture, it’s best to use waterproof materials for all furniture, décor items, and appliances.

For example, solid wood or plywood may not be a good choice for furniture, as it will likely warp and crack (and it can even lead to mold). Instead, a way better — and longer-lasting — choice would be PVC, which is extremely durable, completely waterproof and offers a great look and feel as well for bathroom cabinets. When buying blinds for your bathroom windows, choose waterproof blinds because they are stain and mold resistant, as well as fade-free. When picking appliances, make sure to avoid any metal that might rust, and preferably stay away from plastic; some of your best choices are brass, stainless steel, and zinc (or zinc alloys), as they stand the test of time and add a note of style to your bathroom.

Overall, focus on materials that can withstand humidity and water. This way, you don’t have to spend money replacing them and you can rest assured that your bathroom will maintain its clean and brand-new look over the years.

#2 Widen and brighten your space with mirrors

Instead of adding a skylight or a new window to brighten a rather gloomy bathroom (which would call for a pricy renovation), consider using a large mirror, re-painting your walls in a light color, or adding extra light fixtures. These can all help create the illusion of space, making your bathroom look wider and brighter. Obviously, this technique is much more affordable than having to install an additional window to your bathroom space and you’d be surprised at how much of a difference adding a large mirror can make.

If you feel like you don’t have the space to add an additional mirror to your bathroom, consider replacing the mirror above your vanity with a far larger one. Bonus tip: choosing an unusual shape or a unique frame for the vanity mirror (like the one in the image below) can give an impressive look to your bathroom, and act as the centerpiece of the room.

bathroom vanity with large, unique mirror

#3 Update by regrouting

If you’re looking to update your bathroom quickly and on a tight budget, consider replacing the existing tile grout. Regrouting is a two-step manual process by which you first remove the hardened old grout from the seams, or joints, between the tiles in your bathroom, then apply fresh new grout to make it seem like you have just installed your tiles (here’s a full walkthrough of the process). You’d be surprised how big of a difference this fairly simple update can make — especially since tiles rarely show signs of wear and tear, but the grout’s initial color fades away, and often gives a sense that it’s dirty, discolored and old.

This idea works best if the tiles in your space are still in great shape, that is, they don’t have cracks or missing pieces. Although it may take a bit of work, it’s surely faster and cheaper than a major bathroom overhaul. Fresh grout will make the tiled area look brand new, and you can even apply a new grout color to make a more dramatic change to your bathroom. 

pink bathroom tiles

#4 Get creative with designer tiles

Now, if you’re looking to add a splash of sophistication to your shower or bathroom tiles, but don’t have the budget to splurge on designer tiles, there’s a super easy trick you can turn to: use regular, budget friendly tiles across the walls of your bathroom, then add a pop of design and color in a small area using more expensive designer tiles. 

Or, you can keep it simple and use classic tiles, but arrange them in an unusual pattern or install them at an angle to create an eye-catching effect. If you’re looking for the maximum effect, create an accent wall (preferably right where either the shower or bathroom vanity go, to highlight that space), like the one pictured below. It won’t cost as much as replacing all of your bathroom tiles, but will definitely give your space a great, updated look.

bathroom shower tiles

#5 Try to avoid current trends

We all like to think that we’re aligned with the latest trends and fads. But the truth of the matter is, the best way to waste money is to follow fads that in a couple of years will seem so outdated that you’ll feel the need to renovate your bathroom all over again. You can make your design last way longer if you’ll use natural finishes and neutral colors.

Classics also tend to be considerably less expensive than their trending counterparts, and they’re much more likely to stand the test of time. See below for a marble-themed bathroom that was all the rage a few years back, but that seems a little out of place in the more minimalist-inclined era that we live in today.

marble bathroom with gold fixtures

#6 Use traditional finishes

This goes hand in hand with our last point: using fancy fixtures and embellishments on your faucets and cabinet hardware may seem like a good way to add some personality, but they can turn out to be rather costly without having the desired effect over the years. These kinds of fixtures are pricier than standard ones and their unusual colors, trimmings, and shapes can be more difficult to match with the rest of the décor — and limit any improvements you might decide to make in the near future.

Because of this, you may be forced to buy new coordinating pieces, too. However, if you’ll stick with traditional finishes, it will be simpler for you to create a cohesive look while still sticking to your budget. 

bathroom sink and fixtures

#7 Re-use old furniture to create a unique look

If you have an old desk, table, dresser, or TV stand, consider using it in your bathroom (provided it can withstand humidity and isn’t easily prone to water damage, as we’ve stated above). Repurposing old furniture will give you a chance to show your personality while adding much-needed bathroom storage. Consider doing this as a DIY project, which can help you save money while also being earth-friendly. 

Not sure how to fit old furniture with your bathroom décor? Repurposing doesn’t mean using the piece of furniture in the same way it was intended by its makers; so you can get as creative as you want, by say turning an old desk into a vanity, parts of a table into shelves, an old painting frame into a mirror frame, you name it. See below for a great example of how this stunning bathroom with matching his and hers vanities uses old crates to frame the bathtub.

elegant bathroom with matching his and hers vanities

#8 Refinish rather than replace

Replacing bathroom elements will usually require removing or replacing plumbing fixtures, which comes with additional costs. It can also involve construction changes, demolition work, and new installation. Before deciding on replacing any of these fixtures, determine if they really need replacement. If you’re replacing them for aesthetic reasons, you might have the option to refinish them instead of replacing them altogether. 

For example, you can refinish your old tub with a nice-looking, protective coating instead of completely replacing it. You can also paint your cabinet anew instead of purchasing a new one — and you can even get creative with the color you use. Check out this elegant bathroom below, whose owners chose to refinish the bathtub and paint it in a slight pinkish hue. Isn’t it just lovely?

pink bathtub in elegant bathroom

Final thoughts

The bathroom is one part of the house that needs some upgrading every now and then, and said upgrades can turn out to be quite expensive. However, with some rather small, but well-thought changes, you can spruce up your bathroom design without spending a pretty penny. And if our suggestions are not to your liking, there’s tons of helpful resources out there that can give you some great ideas to get you started.

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This $16M NYC Penthouse Has Unobstructed Views of Central Park and the Manhattan Skyline

The striking unit has a massive wraparound terrace with 360 degree views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline.

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This Dream Getaway Home is Part of a $220 Million Aspen Ranch

If you’re a fan of the mountain farmhouse aesthetic, you’re in for a treat. Nestled into a hillside just minutes away from Aspen core sits the Mount Daly House, one of the eight modern ranch retreats at the 800-acre Aspen Valley Ranch.

The massive Colorado ranch — owned by oil and gas executive Charif Souki — was initially listed back in May 2020 for $220 million, which propelled it to the top of the list of most expensive residential properties for sale in the U.S.

Since then, marketing efforts for the property, led by Souki’s son, Chris Souki, along with Carrie Wells (both with Coldwell Banker) have shifted, with the massive ranch being divided into more manageable assets. One of which is the biggest home on the ranch, Mount Daly, which has been listed alongside a future homesite (so far simply titled Lot 9), which has a 13,000-square-foot proposed floorplan that would outshine all the other existing homesteads on the property.

Inside Mount Daly, a luxury ranch home in Aspen, Colorado.
Inside Mount Daly, a luxury ranch home in Aspen, Colorado. Image credit: Coldwell Banker Mason Morse Real Estate

The asking price for the two properties — Mount Daly and Lot 9, the future homesite of a 6-bed, 9-bath dream ranch home with a generous 13,000-square-foot floorplan — is a whopping $30 million, but that’s not above the mark for properties in the area, especially considering that the lots total 82 acres (in what’s undoubtedly a phenomenal location).

Mount Daly house has 5,373 square feet and comes with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, and a barn. Designed by Michael Fuller, the residence beams with mountain farmhouse aesthetic, with its interiors paying homage to western culture and history, boasting reclaimed beams, barn wood, stone features, and other traditional ranch-style elements.

Inside Mount Daly, a luxury ranch home in Aspen, Colorado. Image credit: Coldwell Banker Mason Morse Real Estate
wooden bedroom of a luxury home in aspen
Inside Mount Daly, a luxury ranch home in Aspen, Colorado. Image credit: Coldwell Banker Mason Morse Real Estate
bathroom of a luxury ranch in aspen, colorado
Inside Mount Daly, a luxury ranch home in Aspen, Colorado. Image credit: Coldwell Banker Mason Morse Real Estate

Best of all, the home rests on the valley floor at the confluence of two mountains, offering some of the best Elk Mountain range views. The massive windows carefully placed throughout the home make the most of these views, and invite calm and relaxation.

picture perfect views of the mountains from inside the aspen ranch
Inside Mount Daly, a luxury ranch home in Aspen, Colorado. Image credit: Coldwell Banker Mason Morse Real Estate
outdoor entertaining area of a luxury aspen ranch in colorado
Outdoor entertaining area at Mount Daly, a luxury ranch home in Aspen, Colorado. Image credit: Coldwell Banker Mason Morse Real Estate

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Here’s How to Match Your Music Taste to Your Home Decor

Home Advisor ran an experiment using people with chromesthesia, to see what colors they ‘hear’ when listening to certain music genres.

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How to Turn Your Kitchen Into Every Coffee Lover’s Dream

If you’re a coffee lover, you know that drinking coffee is a complex and nuanced experience, from the rich aroma, comforting warmth, to the actual ritual of sitting down with a fresh cup in the morning, getting ready for the day that lies ahead.

So why not make your kitchen accommodate for the best possible coffee experience? Having a dedicated area in your home where you, your family, and guests can savor some good cups of espresso together will surely make your household the neighborhood’s favorite.

Whether you opt to make it a formal or an informal space, it makes your home warm and welcoming. It also adds a note of flair to your kitchen, setting it apart from the rest — if not by much added visual appeal, certainly by the irresistible smell.  

Having a dedicated coffee corner in your kitchen is one of the latest trends in modern kitchen design, and it’s no longer restricted to luxury homes and hotels.

In fact, setting up a coffee corner is quite easy, and starts with something as simple as selecting a special space in your kitchen where you can place all your coffee-making essentials. You can then up the stakes by having a custom-built coffee bar to suit your style. You can also DIY create a coffee station with a cabinet, carts, and side tables. Or a very simple coffee bar right next to your coffee maker. Don’t overthink it, you can always built on the idea later on, as you go.

Read on to learn how to turn your kitchen into every coffee lover’s dream.

#1 Find the perfect spot in your kitchen

Identify the exact location in your kitchen where you want to set up your coffee bar. Keep in mind that you’re going to use it on a daily basis, so, ideally, it has to be easily accessible and should have enough space for entertaining guests.

If you use a portable cart as your counter coffee station, however, an added bonus is that you can roll it anywhere — your dining room, living room, or even outdoors.

coffee corner in the kitchen

#2 Find a kitchen cart

As previously mentioned, getting your hands on a portable kitchen cart is the easiest way to start creating your own coffee bar at home.

Make sure to choose one with sturdy construction and a compact size as it will house some of your heaviest coffee-brewing essentials, such as your espresso machine, and some of the easiest ones to break, your coffee cups.

mobile coffee cart

#3 Invest in a good coffee maker

Whether you decide to set it up on the coffee cart or to give it prime placement on your kitchen counter, a good coffee maker is the most essential element.

Investing in a good espresso machine will make all the difference, and will set the tone to your mornings with the best coffee smell (and taste, for that matter). Getting a good espresso machine shows that you mean business. To narrow down your search, see Homegrounds.co list of best espresso machines on the market this year, to find the right one for you.

espresso machine

#4 Arrange your counter coffee station

After getting a kitchen cart for your counter coffee station, it’s time to decide what it should look like. If your kitchen cart is large, you can simply arrange it in a way that allows you to express your individuality.

Consider adding unique cups, a coffee pot, and basically whatever you like. If it’s small, you can use a base where you can put all coffee essentials in a group. Doing so helps to decrease clutter. Adding a shelf above its location where you can place coffee, cups, and other essentials is also a good idea.

#5 Customize your coffee station

A customized coffee station will always be a great idea. As already mentioned, you can create a special cabinet where you can place all coffee necessities. The good thing about cabinets is that you can close them when your station isn’t in use; as a result, your kitchen will appear less cluttered. Therefore, less kitchen cleanup will be required.

Another way of customizing your coffee space is by placing a lamp or adding lights that you can fit at the top of your nook. If you prefer an opaque roller blind or swing doors for your shelves and cabinets, either of the two can also work.

#6 Add the ‘coffee shop’ vibe

Thanks to those special design touches and aroma of freshly brewed coffee adding to the coffee shop atmosphere, you’ll instantly feel a warm vibe as if you’re stepping into a real coffee shop.

You can also get that at home now, especially if you pair the above advice with some specific coffee shop elements. Think of adding a chalkboard menu directly above your counter to jot down each day’s brew, like a real coffee shop does. You can also add some kitschy coffee-themed artwork or mount hooks and display your pretty collection of mugs for more aesthetic appeal.

coffee station at home

Combine the new with old by scattering some vintage pieces around your coffee bar at home. The coffee shop ambiance will further come out with the help of old-fashioned items. These, of course, can be a great conversation starter every time a guest comes over and appreciates your setup.

#7 Accentuate with coffee-themed wall art

Your home coffee station won’t be quite complete without some coffee-themed wall art. Add coffee-themed pictures and canvas prints, as well as vinyl wall art, hanging plaques, metal tin signs, primitive coffee stencils, and rustic wooden signs. You can visit a real coffee shop to gather inspirations for this.

#8 Choose your furniture

If what you have is an eat-in kitchen that can only accommodate two persons, get a pair of bentwood or opt for French folding garden chairs. Pair your chairs with a square or round bistro table. Position a banquette against the wall if you need to add more seats. Line up small square pedestal tables, around two or three, in front of the banquette, and make sure to leave one or two inches of space between them.

Then, add vintage-inspired or real vintage chairs to the table’s sides, opposite the banquette. For a kitchen that has cabinetry featuring a built-in bar counter, you should opt for contemporary or industrial-inspired, backless, pub-style stools. Make sure to avoid spindle-, splat-, and ladder-back stools that look like tall versions of the traditional dining chairs.

To finish your kitchen coffee bar, display a covered cake plate or a tiered dessert stand, and fill it with typical tasty treats available in most coffee shops, like a glazed cake, pastries, and muffins.

Also, don’t forget to fill glass-fronted cabinets or open shelves with oversized cups and saucers, stacks of dessert plates, as well as big coffee bean glass jars, to complete the look. Choose mugs in solid colors or heavy ceramic cups. In addition, make sure to keep the treatments of your kitchen window simple. Opt for roman shades. Cafe curtains that are made from solid-colored burlap, linen, or cotton do the job well.

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