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Work-At-Home Job Opening: Blog Assistant/Project Manager


My friends over at 100 Days of Real Food are looking to hire a part-time blog assistant and project manager. This person’s job will include the following areas of oversight and administration:

  • Rapid Response Proofing – Proof email campaigns and Facebook, Instagram, and blog posts (blog posts have usually already been run through an editor, but not always) on command during normal job hours.
  • Project Management – Manage various projects to achieve defined goals. For example, set up the infrastructure to sell a digital product.
  • Ongoing Tasks – Be the go-to person for some customer service and blog maintenance activities. For example, pre- or post-sales questions for digital products, generating reports, managing giveaways, improving SEO of old posts, etc.
  • Administrative Task List – Work through an ever-changing administrative task list as time allows. Examples include editing affiliate links, research, A/B testing, fixing bad formatting, etc.
  • Continuous Improvement – Use analytics (Google, Hotjar, SumoMe, Optinmonster, etc.), A/B testing, reader feedback, discussions with the owners and other employees, and your own insight to improve the user experience, user interface, site performance, and profitability of the website and related properties/products.

Read more about the job description and requirements here.

Thanks, This Georgia Girl!

Source: moneysavingmom.com

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