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What to Do When Your Apartment Floods from Upstairs | ApartmentSearch

Your upstairs neighbor has plumbing problems. Now you have wet furniture. Find out what to do when your apartment floods from upstairs, with ApartmentSearch.

Source: blog.apartmentsearch.com

Stop! It’s Illegal to Throw Away These 9 Things | ApartmentSearch

Got garbage? Know what you’re not allowed to throw away in the trash so you don’t break the law or hurt the environment. Start with this ApartmentSearch list.

Source: blog.apartmentsearch.com

7 Things Renters Insurance Does NOT Cover | ApartmentSearch

Knowing what renters insurance does not cover is vital to protecting yourself from gaps in your policy! Check out these surprising renters insurance exceptions.

Source: blog.apartmentsearch.com

How to Prep Your Apartment Before a Long Trip | ApartmentSearch

Use these 8 tips from ApartmentSearch to help protect your home-sweet-home from weather damage, burglary, or an accident while you’re away on a long trip.

Source: blog.apartmentsearch.com

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